Located at 1/181 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, the Davey Black Fitness Studio arranges fitness classes Sunshine Coast wide for Strength & Conditioning, Metabolic Conditioning, Mobility, Pre and Post Pregnancy Fitness, Yoga, S&C for Juniors and Nutrition.

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Loaded Linear Training

Our Strength and Conditioning classes are tailored to any fitness level.

Designed to strengthen your whole body and improve overall mobility. The S&C sessions will increase core strength, help prevent injury, improve your posture, help make moving through life easier, and improve your overall sporting performance.


Sweat HIIT Sessions

Our Sweat HIIT sessions can be tailored based on your current fitness levels.

Designed to work up a sweat and get the heart pumping. HIIT sessions will increase your cardio vascular endurance, improve your overall strength and mobility, and help to burn calories.


Circuit Training

Circuit Training sessions blend the four quadrants of movement to give you a superior style of training that gets the heart rate high and the metabolism kick started.

Developing increased fitness, movement and mobility, these sessions give you a full body workout at varying intensity to burn fat, tone up and improve your overall strength and fitness.


Female Only Fitness

The Female Only Fitness sessions provide a comfortable and motivational environment for women of all ages and fitness levels to train under the guidance of highly experienced female coaches.

The sessions are designed to allow individuals to work within their own limits and achieve improvement at their own pace. The group environment provides support, guidance and motivation to improve your fitness.


Special Training During Pregnancy

For women thinking about becoming pregnant, or who are already pregnant, our training methodology will help prepare your body for childbirth and maintain overall fitness during pregnancy.

For post-natal mums, the sessions will provide a low intensity and gradual re-build of fitness until you are ready to graduate back to higher intensity classes. Our specialist coaches and later sessions times have been developed with new mums in mind.


Boxing Sessions

The Davey Black Boxing sessions combine all the best bits of Boxing, Muay Thai, Circuit and Strength Training to provide a full body work out that tones the upper body, core, butt and legs as well as increasing overall cardiovascular stamina.

These sessions are ideal for athletes returning from injury who want to kick start their metabolic conditioning while improving their strength endurance.


Kids Special Classes

The kids Fitness classes are based on child fitness protocols and designed around age appropriate exercises and activities.
We know just some of the benefits of active kids include; increase bone strength, improved concentration levels, better food choices, better sleep.

Targeting movement, balance, hand-eye coordination and mobility, these sessions will give kids a safe, fun and functional 30min session allowing them to explore the ways that their bodies can move.


Teen Fitness Classes

Teen and junior Fitness classes are based on adolescent fitness protocols and designed around age, gender and sports specific exercises and activities. Focussing on specific sporting improvement, and overall development of better movement, balance, hand-eye coordination, strength and mobility. These sessions give teens a fun and informative 50min session.

Providing safe and functional strength improvement for high level junior athletes, and improved health and wellness for teens looking for a fun way to stay fit.


Male & Female Gym Trainers

Do you want to get active, but don’t know where to start? Our Beginner Fitness TryTri courses are gentle, easy group-exercise sessions for people looking to get back into fitness. The course is designed for people who want to increase their level of exercise through very easy coach lead swim, indoor spin bike and walk/run and/or fitness studio sessions.

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Strength & Conditioning Coach

Education:  Cert III & IV in Fitness – Australian Institute of Fitness | Level 1 & 2 Boxing | Tri Victoria TRIactive Coach

Experience: Metafit Coach | Institute of Motion Member | Health Consultant | Personal Endurance Training | Multiple Marathon Finisher | Multiple Ironman Finisher

Louise Hodgins

Strength & Conditioning Coach | Triathlon TRIactive Coach


Louise’s philosophy focuses on continued lifelong learning as she works towards enhancing the well-being of her clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. She works together with each client to transform their quality of life. Louise turns health goals into reality, all in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment.

Louise grew up playing Netball and Basketball, and has added Long Distance Running and Triathlons to her passions. Louise owned and operated a personal training business in the Bayside area for 3 years, working with a wide variety of clients from busy time poor Mums to highly motivated athletes.

In her spare time Louise loves Bike Riding, Trail Walks, enjoying a glass of wine and hanging out with her Rag Doll Cats Spencer and Elle


Education: Bachelor of Sports Science, Cert III & IV in Fitness – Australian College of Sport & Fitness, Bachelor of Sports Psychology – Monash Uni (studying) | Triathlon Australia Foundation Tri Coach

Experience: Colombian National Triathlon Team Member | 2015 National Sprint Distance Champion | 3rd place in the 2015 Triathlon American Cup | Top 10 finishes in the Triathlon National Championships, the Triathlon Pan America Cup, Central American and Caribbean Championships and the Triathlon Pam American Championships | Swimming Coach | Institute of Motion Member

Andrea Ramos Angarita

Strength & Conditioning Coach / Assistant Triathlon Coach


Andrea Ramos Angarita is a triathlete, Tri Australia Foundation Coach and Swim Coach with a degree in Sports Science, currently studying Sports Psychology, and holds her Cert III & IV in Fitness Coaching.

Andrea was a member of the Colombian National Triathlon Team. She was the 2015 National Sprint Distance Champion, 3rd place in the 2015 Triathlon American Cup and top 10 finishes in the Triathlon National Championships, the Triathlon Pan America Cup, Central American and Caribbean Championships and the Triathlon Pam American Championships.

Andrea joins the Davey Black Team as an amazingly skilled all-rounder, utilising her experience in athlete S&C in the Sports Performance centre, her swim coaching for our Open Water Swimming and her Triathlon Coaching and racing experience taking on the role of our Tri2gether Schools Tri Coach.


Education: Triathlon Australia Development Coach | Triathlon Australia Tri-Active Coach | Ironman Coaching Certification | European Health and Fitness Certificate Level 3 and 4 | Masters of Counselling at Monash University

Experience: Mental Health and Physical Activity Coordinator | Cognitive Behaviour Councillor | Children’s Mental Health Councillor | Development Triathlon Coach |  Squad Triathlon Coach |  Personal Training | Group Fitness Trainer

Nestor Rivera

Strength & Conditioning Coach | Triathlon Development Coach


Nestor has a high level of knowledge in the areas of Fitness, Triathlon and Mental Health. He utilises these skills to create programs, sessions and an overall environment that provide the highest level of support and effective training for every member.

Using his experience as a fitness and triathlon Coach and his many years as a high-level athlete, Nestor promotes healthy habits and focusses on inclusive support that helps every person, so that regardless of their background, they feel welcome in their new environment.

Nestor has trained, raced and coached within Australia, Spain and the USA.


Education: Cert III & IV in Fitness – Australian Institute of Fitness | Level 1 & 2 Boxing

Experience: Fight Titles: IKBF Victorian | WKBF Commonwealth | ISKA Australian x2 | ISKA Victorian

Indigo "Beastkid" Boyd

Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Fight Coach


Indy has a never give up attitude in life and in training that is a reflection of his fighting career.

He was drawn into martial arts falling in love with the discipline and mental toughness required to be a fighter. As a professional fighter, he has not always been the strongest or the fastest in the ring but he will never give up and will never leave the ring wondering ‘what if?’.

Indy prides himself on this level of mental toughness and loves teaching and empowering his clients through fight training and pad holding. It gives him a real sense of fulfilment passing on his knowledge, teaching new life skills and seeing people, especially young kids, transforming their skill level from not knowing how to throw a punch to recognising and performing combos.

Indy’s sessions are always challenging and enjoyable with his clients coming away with new skills each and every session. Outside of fight training, Indy loves to hang out with his family and go on weekend adventures!

Tri Australia Performance Coach

Education:  Bachelor of Science (Microbiology, Nutrition, Psychology) | Tri Australia Performance Coach | Tri Ireland L1 Coach | Sports Consultant – CIT Ireland | Cert IV in Training and Assessment

Experience: Tri Victoria Age Group Coach of the Year Finalist 2018 & 2019 | Tri Victoria Club Coach of the Year Finalist 2018 | State Level Football Representative | Tennis Australia Junior Ranking | SASRAPID Swim Instructor | Kids Learn to Swim Instructor | Freestyle Martial Arts | Muay Thai Kickboxing | Institute of Motion Member

Steve Davis

Sports Director & Performance Manager | Tri Australia Performance Coach


As the Sports Performance Manager and Head Coach of Davey Black Triathlon, Performance Coach Steve Davis brings a holistic approach to training, and has seen athletes flourish under the training philosophies that he has developed over the last decade of training and coaching.

Steve competed at high level junior tennis and Aussie Rules Footy before moving into Freestyle Martial Arts, Muay Thai and then Triathlon later in life. Starting as a beginner, and lacking endurance fitness required for triathlon, hard work and determination saw him get to the Long Course World Championships.

Coach Steve built a successful Tri Coaching and Personal Training business in Ireland. He then relocated back to Australia, starting the triathlon club and opening Davey Black Sports Performance. His dream is to build a team that delivers the highest quality advice, coaching and support.

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