Small Group Training

Making you a faster athleteAt Davey Black Triathlon Club and Fitness Studio we deliver you to the start line in the best physical and mental shape possible. We do this by utilising our strength and conditioning classes sessions in our very own fitness studio.

Our tight knit, supportive group of coaches and athletes help to build confidence and belief in yourself. The triathlon training and complimentary strength and conditioning, yoga and metabolic conditioning in the Fitness Studio is tailored to suit every athlete, from beginner to World Championship Team members.

The studio sessions, combined with the triathlon training, develop the added strength and endurance required to race across any distance from Fun Tri to Ironman or Ultra Endurance events. Not only will you race well and feel good, you will also race faster as we prep all our athletes with both endurance AND speed.

If you want to go faster and stronger for longer, then contact us for a customised Triathlon and S&C program today…

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