Female Personal Trainer Melbourne

If you are a female personal trainer Melbourne, then we are looking for you.

Davey Black Sports Performance operates over two levels. We offer small group training for strength & conditioning, HITT, boxing, circuit and spin classes in our Fitness Studio downstairs. Upstairs we offer Slow Flow, Dynamic Flow, Hatha and Yin in out Yoga Studio, a muscle recovery room with Rapid Muscle Recovery Systems technology, and a physiotherapist.

We cater for athletes looking to improve their sporting success, as well as pre and postnatal fitness, kids and teen fitness and beginner programs.

For our athlete clients we look to incorporate strength, mobility and recovery into their specific training programs. All of our coaches are past or current high level athletes themselves, so they understand the rigours that periodised training program places n the body. They know when to push and when to pull back and how to adapt sessions and specific exercises to suit the needs of the individual and the current phase of training that they are in. The goal for any athlete is to ensure the fastest and most efficient recovery between hard sessions, then to improve weaknesses by building both strength and mobility through muscles and joints. By using our facility, the athletes are more robust, reducing their risk of injury, and allowing them to train at their specific sport more efficiently.

Our pre and postnatal sessions allow women to maintain their fitness and core stability in preparation for or in recovery from the birth of their child. Allowing the client to move between the Fitness Studio and the Yoga Studio means that there is a suitable form of movement and exercise no matter how the client is feeling on any given day, and it allows a natural progression through all the stages of pregnancy.

Our kids fitness programs are targeted towards 3-10year olds to provide fun and informative fitness. It’s an outlet for them to explore how their bodies can move, and our coaches provide information and suggestions that are fun, informative and easily adaptable into everyday life so that kids can develop both a physical and metal foundation for how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The teen fitness sessions are for teenagers who are already at a high level in their chosen athletic or sporting pursuits, or for those teens who just need to get out of the house and find a fun and engaging way of staying fit and healthy. The sessions are for 13-17 year olds and all exercises and activities are designed around teenage fitness protocols, knowing and understanding the ever changing physical, mental and emotional needs of a teenager.

The triathlon, Fitness Studio and Yoga Studio beginner programs help to get people out of the office and into some form of physical activity. We pride ourselves on developing well balanced and achievable goal orientated programs for any level of fitness and sporting goals. We utilise all of our facilities and coaching skills to develop a plan for each individual that will ensure they reach their goals with activities and exercise that is appropriate for their current fitness level and past injury history.

If you would like to be a part of this amazing team, email a resume and cover letter to info@daveyblackfitness.com


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