Strength and Conditioning Classes for Triathletes

Strength & Conditioning Classes For Triathletes
Strength & Conditioning Classes For Triathletes

Strength and Conditioning Classes

Triathletes are a unique group of individuals. Often high achieving in all facets of their lives, they have chosen a sport that is actually made up of three individual sports. If you add in practicing the transition from swim to bike and bike to run, you have a very full week of training.

There is, however, one very important, and often overlooked, session that should be a part of every triathletes training week, and that is strength and conditioning classes.

Whether you are a beginner triathlete, an age grouper in the sport for fun, a serious age grouper aiming for representative team selection, or a professional athlete, strength and conditioning gym Melbourne wide are going to help you to achieve your goals in a much shorter time… and here’s why:

1. Improved Athletic Performance

Adding strength and conditioning classes to your weekly training program is guaranteed to improve your swim, bike and run performance.

While we all hear about ‘specificity’ and constantly worry about hitting our weekly distance or duration targets in the pool, on the road and on the track, how often do we stop and think about the quality of those hours and kilometers that we are reaching for?

If you add just 30-45min of strength and conditioning classes two to three times per week, the quality of your sessions will improve, your ability to train for longer will increase and you will be able to hold your form for longer and under greater fatigue, reducing your risk of injury.

2. Reduced Risk of Injury

Strength and conditioning classes will reduce your risk of injury. While injuries are unavoidable when pushing your body to be faster and stronger, the increased mobility, strength through range of motion and stability through your body that strength and conditioning classes provide will greatly reduce the chance of you becoming injured.

If you are unfortunate enough to pick up an injury in training, having conditioned your body through your strength and conditioning classes, the injury is likely to be less severe, and you will be able to recover from the injury much faster as surrounding muscles and tendons will help protect and stabilise the injury.

3. Improved Posture and Form

In triathlon, you have to swim using mainly your arms, shoulders and back, get out of the water and run to your bike, hunch over and ride using your legs while your arms stay in a stationary position, then you expect your body to stand upright and run with your legs and arms to propel you forward and provide balance.

The ability to do these things with the greatest efficiency and speed comes down to your posture, mobility and your ability to hold your form.

Strength and conditioning classes improve your posture and mobility by strengthening your body while being held in multiple positions. With increased strength and mobility across many planes of movement, your improved posture will allow you to maintain better form for longer in the swim, bike and run legs. You will also find that transitioning from the swim to the bike, and the bike to the run is far easier and you will feel more ‘normal’ sooner. This will allow you to swim, bike and run more efficiently and for longer, making you a much faster athlete.

Over to You

So now you can see why no matter what your level of ability or how long you have been doing triathlon for, strength and conditioning classes are most certainly going help you improve your swim, bike, run and overall triathlon performance.

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